Visiting Chefchaouen: Everything you need to know

Visiting Chefchaouen has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my travels. The city is stunningly beautiful, an amazingly affordable travel destination, and has one of the most lively backpacker communities I've ever encountered. It definitely belongs in any visitor's perfect itinerary. I'll start the guide with a quick run down of... Continue Reading →

Travel reflection: held up

When I first came to London, it was supposed to be for just a week. It was the conclusion of my first Eurotrip, a whirlwind wander through six countries that concluded with seeing my travel partner return to America. I had plans to go on back to Morocco and eventually Asia, where I would continue... Continue Reading →

Cultural taboos to avoid in Morocco

When visiting Morocco, a lot of tourists worry about the rules and customs they might need to follow to avoid offending their hosts. While Moroccan people in general are incredibly kind and understanding, it definitely helps to know what you're signing up for before you arrive. This article will give you an overview of things... Continue Reading →

Cheap travel in Morocco: Transportation Guide

Morocco is a great option for budget travel, but figuring out how to get around can be daunting. Many tourists are unsure where to start planning their itinerary and navigating the many different modes of transportation in Morocco. Striking the perfect balance between expense and reliability can be complicated, and ultimately depends on your personal... Continue Reading →

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