The best bars and clubs for a night out in Rabat

Rabat is a lively destination for many reasons, but as a relatively conservative location with limited Western tourism, it can be difficult to know where to find bars and clubs that are safe to frequent. This list is perfect for students around Agdal and the medina looking for a regular haunt or dressy night out without the cost and hassle of going far from home.

The Irish pub at Hotel Rabat

With live music playing classic singalong tunes and affordable pints, this bar is perfect for a low key night out and a break from the medina routine. The venue is spacious and comfortable, frequented by Western guests, and enforces the cultural rules of Morocco less harshly than more local bars. It’s just a short walk from the medina and the Rabat Ville tram stop, making it a great destination for foreign students in need of a breather.


It’s modern, Western, and young. Upstairs is popular among local young people and a great place to go for a few drinks and an energetic night at the bar. Located in Agdal, it’s at the heart of Rabat’s trendier neighborhood and is a perfect destination for students in the medina to change up their routine without sacrificing the local feel.

The Dhow

No list about drinking and dining would be complete without mentioning the Dhow, an upscale French restaurant near the Kasbah operating on a boat. Above deck, it serves cocktails and puts on live music. Guests can sit on cushions and around tables to enjoy the performances. It’s perfect for a dressy night out with friends.

Below deck, there is a nightclub that attracts a decent crowd for dancing. Weekly, the ship puts on an event where women get free wine all night. This night attracts a large number of local men and if you opt to go, it’s important to remember that you will be consistently bothered to dance or go home with boys. It can be a great time for a night out, but go with a group and drink responsibly enough to keep your wits about you, as with any of these locations.

Le puzzle

Also located in Agdal, this bar is definitely one of Rabat’s more buzzing locations. A restaurant serving Moroccan and French cuisine, at night it turns into a popular bar frequented by young locals. If you’re looking for a taste of home, the bar serves British pub food and runs weeks karaoke nights.


Amnesia is one of Rabat’s only true nightclubs. While it won’t impress you as a must-visit party destination, it does have a proper dance floor, decent music, and occasional all you can drink deals.


If you’re based in the medina, you might be tempted to check out this bar next to the Rabat Ville train station. While it can definitely be a place to grab a cheap drink, avoid going here if you’re a woman or group of women. As this is a proper local bar, the general assumption will be that any woman there is likely to be a prostitute and there’s a good chance you’ll experience a lot of harassment and discomfort. If you’re looking to have a drink without attracting negative attention, opt for one of the trendier, younger places above instead.

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