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Interested in writing a guest post?

We are always accepting guest posts from up and coming bloggers, experienced travelers, and study abroad students. Our guest post guidelines are as follows:

Content Guidelines

We pride ourselves on producing content that is heavily grounded in our experiences, and challenges the ways the travel community thinks about ethics, budgeting, and other common topics. An ideal guest post will challenge a commonly held belief, refute a common travel blog post, or challenge some stereotype about a country or city. We look for content that:

  • Focuses on places less commonly traveled, ie the Middle East, Eastern Europe, etc
  • Promotes socially responsible, ethical travel
  • Advocates for better travel budgeting
  • Provides unique value to our readers by sharing intimate knowledge of a city or country or challenging commonly held beliefs about travel
  • Is honest about travel as a holistic experience, with both highs and lows. An ideal blog post won’t shy away from admitting the author’s faults or mistakes in order to help others learn.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t accept photo journals at this time

Formatting Guidelines

  • The ideal blog post is 500-1000 words, roughly
  • Please send 1-3 photos, either photos you took yourself or stock photos fully licensed for commercial use (pixabay is an excellent resource)
  • Please send to as a word file or google doc.

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