Best street food in the Rabat medina

We've already told you about the best places to eat in the Rabat medina when you're looking for a sit-down cafe or restaurant. But you also can't miss out on Moroccan street food! The tantalizing smell will turn your shopping trip into a food rampage anyway, so go ahead and budget some time to scope out... Continue Reading →

Dealing with street harassment in Morocco

Morocco is an absolutely gorgeous country. Unfortunately, it also has a bit of a reputation for having unreasonably high levels of street harassment. I really do wish this was another negative stereotype I could correct for you, but in keeping with our core promise, I have to be honest: it's pretty bad. It can become... Continue Reading →

20 indie songs to add to your wanderlust playlist

Indie music makes the perfect travel music. Just the right balance of Wanderlust, adventurous beats, and upbeat tracks can get you pumped for exploring the world. So here are 20 of my top wanderlust tracks for your travel playlist: 1.Into the Wild-LP 2. Crystals-Of Monsters and Men 3. All We Ever Knew-The Head... Continue Reading →

Understanding street harassment in Morocco

Probably the most common question I hear from people considering going to Morocco, or who know that I’ve lived there, is “isn’t the street harassment supposed to be terrible there?” Whether earned or not, Morocco has a reputation for being one of the most unsafe countries for women traveling alone. Stories of being followed, inappropriately... Continue Reading →

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