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For most people, travel isn’t even accessible, let alone glamorous. And god knows we are not glamorous. Part of the reason we started this blog was to contradict all of the noise being made about travel—about how it can transform your life, about how no millennial could ever be considered cultured or complete without it.

The truth is travel can change you. But it doesn’t need to. The narrative of using other countries as a spa treatment for our character, a way to open our minds and sand down our edges, is poetic, but it also mystifies travel in a way that we strongly oppose.

The truth is that travel is dirty work, especially when you’re living on a budget. Travel is scouring the internet for flights and couches to sleep on, it’s walking two miles in the rain because you can’t afford a taxi. It’s sleep deprivation and close quarters and seeing your friends transformed by stress or frustration in ways you’ve never seen before.

Most of what travel really is doesn’t go up on Instagram.

But we promise that the lessons we take from all of these frustrations and difficult times will go up on this blog. We want our readers to go into the world fully aware that it’s okay to not love every second of your trip. It’s okay if you didn’t make it to the most mind blowing or most sought after spot, it’s okay if you got lost along the way.

And most importantly, it’s okay if your travels aren’t Instagram-worthy. The word travel has taken on a meaning of total wanderlust, of trekking to the most remote or most fantastic locations, but the real core of travel is simply discovery. Travel could mean a ten-hour flight to a new continent, or a 3 hour road trip to a town you’ve never seen.

Travel should not be mystical and inaccessible, something only a lucky few true wanderers ever undertake. It should be something for everyone to define for themselves and learn lessons they believe are meaningful.

We don’t ever want any reader of this blog to feel that their adventures have been inadequate. We promise to write articles that can help any traveler—from the veteran globetrotter to the weekend staycationer –get the most out of their adventures. We promise to write articles that will entertain, inform, and inspire without forgetting those for whom travel means something different.

So our promise to you as bloggers and as your trail guides to adventure, is this:

We will never lie to you.

We will never gloss over how badly we screwed up, or how terrible any experience was.

We promise to prepare you for all parts of travel, from the life changingly spectacular times to the moments that make you question why you ever left home.

We promise to be honest about our budgets, about how we save up the money to live a nomadic lifestyle. We promise to bear in mind our readers from all backgrounds to make travel as accessible and egalitarian as possible.

We promise to portray travel for what it is—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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